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Keep your business running and prevent tech problems with our managed IT services.

With our HIPPA Compliant software installed on each workstation, we get notified if there is a problem; users can chat with a tech regarding questions or issues and we can remote control the workstation instantly so no need to wait for travel time for the tech to arrive.
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Laptop / Desktop Repair / Upgrade & Troubleshooting

All computers eventually need a repair (even ours)
and even a new computer can use an upgrade.
With our experience, your problem shouldn’t be new to us.

Laptop / Desktop Repairs

Computer problems range from hardware, software or configuration issues.  Start your repair process by simply giving us a call and we’ll discuss the issues that you are experiencing and schedule your service appointment.


Performance Upgrades:

  • RAM — System Memory
  • SSD — Solid State Hard Drive Boot system faster & loading programs & files faster. No moving parts gives a longer life expectancy/
  • CPU Chip — More calculations (thinks faster)

These upgrades are only a fraction of the cost of a new
computer and can prove to be equal depending on the model.


Bigger Issues?

If your problem is more serious like obvious damage or system not booting, etc., give us a call and we can schedule a time for a tech to come to your location and assess the problem first-hand.  If parts are needed, we’ll get those ordered and re-schedule a delivery time after the repairs are completed.

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Are you prepared for a cyberattack? Cyberattacks come in many different forms. Most infections are annoying while others are destructive or malicious. Let’s get your system cleaned then protected.


Although we hear more about malware these days, viruses still exist and a lot of them are very harmful. Some viruses record key strokes and report back while others can cause damage to the operating system or even your files and documents. Some viruses will inform you that you have been infected while others will slowly destroy you OS. It is recommended to keep your computer powered off until a professional can get it cleaned up.

Malware / Spyware
These infections, although not as destructive as viruses, can wreck havoc on the operation of your computer. Malware and spyware also reports back to its creator how you use your computer. More often than not, these reports are for marketing but these infections can really impact system performance. Malware can multiply rapidly and is too easy to get infected. We recommend routine system maintenance to keep you safe.
Data Backups / Recovery
Routine backups are your only protection against data loss caused by viruses and / or hardware failure. With no backup the only data recovery is trying to pull it off the damaged or infected hard drive. We recommend Acronis True Image.

Network & Connectivity

Personal or Business, your network is the nerve center of your digital world. Keeping your information or family protected from spying cyber criminals is an absolute must these days. Trust Preferred Geek to setup and maintain your network correctly.

Internet Security

Internet secuirty begins with your computer setup and software and also involves securing your network.  Keeping these systems up-to-date as far as firmware updates and operating system updates are essential to your digital safety.

Network / Wi-Fi Setup

So many networks in SWFL are setup using the default settings of it hardware.  This makes it a relatively easy task for a cyber criminal to penetrate your network and access your devices on it.  Ask us to “Lock it Down” for you! 

Device Connectivity

The number of planned devices (Computers, Tablets, printers, TVs, etc.) on a network can influence the decision of what hardware to buy.  Using your Internet Service Providers (ISP) provided hardware may not be the best route for your router 😁 Chat now with a tech to discuss your network plans or problems.

Mobile Repair & Setup

You Break it and we’ll Make it like new again! Mobile devices keep getting thinner but with larger screens and that makes them hard to hold on to. If your device has recently had an accident give us a call.

Mobile Phone Repairs
It’s not always the screen that gets damaged on these little addictions. At times the batteries stop holding a charge or even buttons and charging ports get broken or worn out. Luckily we can get parts for all that and we have the tools to make the repairs needed. Chat with us to discuss your phone repair
Tablets / Laptops
The bigger the tablet the weaker the screen. The most common damage to tablets is broken screen and that has given us lots of experience repairing them. Laptop keyboards, batteries and screens often need repaired and that too is our forte. Overheating often even causes laptop main boards to fail. Don’t trash it, call us, these can be replaced as well and although it sounds expensive (and it would be if the other folks did the repair) it’s not always too bad; or course depending on the model). Chat with us and give us the details, diagnostic costs are included in the repair cost.


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